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24 August 2016

The Business of Brexit

Brexit and ERP

Brexit. One vote, thousands of words and a few weeks later, does the world feel any different? Probably not. But if you’re in business, your world is about to fundamentally change because of it.

OK, for the next two years or so we’ll still be members of the European Union (EU). We still have to meet the regulations and compliance currently in place. But once the negotiations to leave are complete, who knows what the business landscape will be like?

What Happens Next?

New trade agreements will be needed, both with EU states and other parts of the world.

The UK will have its own systems, policies and regulations, which may be very different to the current models. For manufacturers in particular, dealing with customers and suppliers across Europe may involve new duties and taxes.

Whenever such substantial changes occur, successful businesses always have the same things in common: agility, flexibility, adaptability. Everything a good ERP system should offer.

Plan for the Future

Brexit is just another seismic change that a well implemented ERP system can help you to cope with. With every function of your business fully integrated and working efficiently, your business is better able to adjust to changes in the way you need to work.

The transparency Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers makes it easier to cope with new regulations too, while having a true picture of your strengths helps you target new markets and relationships.

So if you haven’t got a top-notch ERP system already, now isn’t the time to wait and see what happens over the next two years. The businesses that will emerge as most successful post-Brexit will be the ones that invest now, ready to seize the opportunities it will bring.

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