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16 October 2015

Thank the Cloud!

5 ways the Cloud’s made your life easier

Sunny Cheshire might be a long way from Silicon Valley – but wherever you are in the world, Cloud computing’s transforming the way we do business.

In case you hadn’t realised, here are five things the Cloud has already done for you…

Work any time, anywhere
For a long time it was a pipe dream, but now it really is possible to simply log in and create your office set-up wherever you are – and there’s even cloud-based software to make sure productivity’s up to scratch, too!

The latest technology, at your disposal
Now you don’t need to be a big player to use big innovations. The Cloud gives everyone the opportunity to access the very latest technology for the benefit of their business – such as Cloud ERP.

Manage financial information easily
Cloud accounting makes vital data available to anyone who needs it (with the necessary authorisation), so keeping track of your business’s financial situation is much easier.

Less storage, more access
With the Cloud all your storage is taken care of – however much data you have – and with everything archived in one place it’s easily accessible and even takes up less office space!

Secure as never before
With the Cloud, disaster recovery is no problem. Any data you store is fully backed up and encrypted to unprecedented levels to make sure it’s totally secure.

Surprised? There’s a lot more to come from the Cloud too. And not just in ERP terms, but in almost every facet of business and the way you work. You can trust Inforlogic to keep you up with the latest to – so just watch this space…

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