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16 February 2016

Is the cloud for me?

Over the last 4 months we have had some interesting conversations with our Infor customers and prospects about the Cloud and the world of Software as a Service (Saas) ERP.

These conversations range from companies who would not consider adopting the cloud for various reasons and those that consider it the only option for their business moving forward.  The final decision is the choice of the business and from our perspective we work closely with Infor where the customers have the choice of deployment method.

We wanted to focus this blog on two of our recent new customers who choose Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) and would only consider a cloud SaaS offering.

Why only the Cloud?

The key reason across our these customers were:

Security, Maintenance and Backup – No internal worries about the ongoing backup, maintenance and up keep of internal servers. One of the businesses in particular is a relatively young start up and the ease of deployment and availability of the SaaS offering from Infor was key to them.  The maintenance is the responsibility of Infor against defined service levels.

Cost – SaaS is offered on a pay as you go basis, taking away the initial up front licence purchase. This favours some businesses as it allows them to turn the expenditure from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

Software Upgrades – upgrading can at times be a lengthy process taking up time of external or internal resource. With a cloud solution it would be the responsibility of Infor to perform this task, ensuring customers are on the latest software version and do not get cut adrift on older version.

On our cloud journey we have also noticed the following benefits from an implementation perspective:

Deployment – We have been implementing ERP systems for over a decade and they can often be lengthy processes sometimes highly customised. Good Cloud ERP offerings like Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) follow industry best practice and have methodologies to follow that dramatically cut a project length.  For one of our current projects we are targeting an implementation time frame of 12 weeks.

Environment availability – One of the key areas where we have been impressed with Infor’s offering is the speed in which environments can be made available. In our recent projects this was less than 1 week from signing the contract with the customer.

Flexibility and Scalability – We choose to work closely with Infor because of the pedigree and functionality available in the product and this is all available in the SaaS offering for CloudSuite Industrial. Where the Cloud brings an additional benefit is that additional functionality or new sites can easily be carried out without the typical challenges.  One of our recent customers have other sites in Europe and possibly more in the future, the flexibility of a cloud solution makes on boarding these additional entities very straightforward and easy to cost.

In summary we are in a good position as Infor allows us the choice of deployment options, the cloud isn’t the right fit for everyone.  There are however some real cost benefits for companies who want to consider adopting a cloud solution.

Please feel free to contact us for a discussion, we are always keen to learn more about the industries we operate in and the challenges faced.

Chris Stock |  Managing Director – Inforlogic

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