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3 March 2016

ERP…just made for Manufacturing

Whatever you make, from soft drinks to garden furniture to luxury cars, these are tricky times.

Virtually every manufacturing business was affected by the financial crisis, and many are only just getting back on their feet – and the resulting lack of investment has left a legacy of ageing infrastructure.

Manufacturers also face issues around costs – whether they’re ever-rising labour rates or increasingly volatile raw material prices. And increasing environmental and safety regulations are also putting pressure on businesses, especially as they’re expected to be proactive in enforcing them.

Add to that the constant need to stay ahead of the competition, together with markets who now expect more quality for their money alongside better customer service, and it’s little wonder manufacturing businesses are in need of as much help as they can get.

It’s all a question of balancing quality with cost control: invest too much and your bottom line suffers, too little and you take risks with product quality.

But there is a solution – as many manufacturers have found to their advantage in recent years. And it goes by the name of Enterprise Resource Planning.

ERP software has revolutionised the way many businesses work, and for manufacturing industries it can be something of a godsend. Essentially, ERP brings together the core functions of a business or organisation, integrating and automating them to make everything you do simpler and more streamlined. From communicating with customers to ordering raw materials to production processes to distributing the end product, a good ERP solution gives you an overview of your whole business.

Having such powerful insight into every project your company’s working on gives you two key things: the ability to see where things can be done more efficiently; and the information you need to make better decisions.

Arm yourself with that, and it ultimately leads to improved profits and enhanced customer satisfaction. Not to mention a real competitive advantage.

For a better idea of just how much ERP could help your manufacturing business, talk to the North West’s leading ERP specialist – contact us at Inforlogic.

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