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16 October 2015

Changing with the cloud…

Adapting to working with Cloud ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, has been around for some time. It’s often been a high-cost, complicated undertaking for many businesses that takes years to put in place – but Cloud ERP has changed all that.

Most software services are now offered via the Cloud, mainly because it costs less and takes a lot less time to implement; and by offering faster, simpler and more flexible solutions, it’s opened up ERP to many more businesses, whatever their size or complexity.

So here’s a brief summary of what moving to the Cloud could do for you.

Reducing costs
Cloud services are provided as SaaS (Software as a Service) – which is basically, pay as you go. So rather than paying out for software (and hardware) up-front, you simply pay for what you use and the costs become opex rather than capex.

Simple deployment
Rather than taking months or even years to complete, Cloud services use industry-ready methodologies that allow project implementation to be as little as 8 weeks in certain instances.

Easy upgrades
Hardware and software updates and maintenance are all taken care of by the ERP provider, so unlike an on-premise system you’ve no need for a large internal team to support your IT infrastructure – and no lengthy and expensive maintenance processes.

Reliable backup
Why have the headache of making sure your data’s safe and secure, when your ERP provider has everything in place to protect it to world-class standards?

Seamless integration
As Cloud solutions use open standards, it’s much easier to integrate existing features and new developments as they come along.

Endless flexibility
However your business – or your industry – changes, a Cloud solution can cope; and as it works around reporting and collaboration, information is passed on to users much more easily.

As you can see, the Cloud has a lot of advantages. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you. That’s where your provider can help.

At Inforlogic, we always sit down with any clients to make sure your Cloud-based ERP system will give you everything you need, and cater for all the complexities within your business. If it’s more suitable, we’d even look at a hybrid model that moves some applications to the Cloud and keeps others on your existing ERP system.

So if you want to know about moving to the Cloud, how it would benefit you and what’s involved, your first step should be to talk to us.

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